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Principle of the Octologue

In 1951, the original Chilian founders of the Hermanda del la Costa (Frères de la Côte) intended to bring together all seafarers sharing a love of the sea… and a sense of honour and humour… into a fraternity. They carefully chose and worded eight statements of moral conduct called the "Octologue".

With variations due to language and custom, the Octologue is today sworn to and followed by the Frères of 27 nations worldwide. Within the International Organization the Octologue is considered the only "law" of behaviour of Brothers.


  1. Carry Out With Respect Captain′s Orders Just As Though They Were Those Of Your Spiritual Father Or Elder Brother.

  2. Without Fear And Without Respite Conduct Your Ship On The High Seas Which Have Been Created For Her And On Which You Will Spend Wonderful Hours That No Landlubber Will Ever Appreciate.

  3. Do Not Hide Either Your Setbacks, Your Disappointments Or Your Mistakes So That Your Brothers May Benefit By Your Experience And If Sometimes You Do Better Than Your Brother Share With Him Your Stories With All Humility.

  4. Never Attack With Arms, Words Or Deeds The Brothers Of Your Own Coast Nor Those Of Any Other Coast.

  5. Do Not Be Envious Of Your Brother′s Vessel, Nor His Sails, Nor His Equipment, Nor His Crew.

  6. Bring The Sailor Without Port Into Your Safe Waters, And If He Has Nothing But His Heart To Offer, Take Him Aboard And Treat Him As Your Brother.

  7. Do Not Be Either Proud Or Violent, For Then Your Brothers Will Desert You, Think Of Your Brothers In Rough Conditions And Maintain All You Uphold.

  8. The Love Of The Sea Must Be The Religion Of Your Days, Make Sacrifices For Her And Observe Her Laws.


The Octologue

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